Monday, April 15, 2024

Who’s Jason Palmer, the Democrat who caused Biden’s initial primary loss?

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Joe Biden faced his first setback in the Democratic presidential race from someone not widely known, Jason Palmer, a venture capitalist. The lesser-known candidate from Baltimore won the Democratic nomination in American Samoa, a small US territory. Despite this win, it won’t slow down Biden’s path to the Democratic nomination after his success in Super Tuesday races across the country.

Palmer, expressing gratitude for the support, declared victory in the American Samoa presidential primary. He highlighted the importance of community voices in shaping a brighter future. Palmer’s campaign, with three full-time staffers on the ground, focused on education, healthcare, and climate change.

While acknowledging Biden’s service, Palmer urged him to pass the torch to the next generation. Despite being aware of his longshot candidacy, Palmer emphasized his commitment to ideas and solutions, not aiming to spoil the election. His campaign, launched in November, emphasizes the significance of preventing Donald Trump from returning to office.

Palmer, a 52-year-old venture capitalist, partners with New Markets Venture Partners. He worked at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and Kaplan. Despite projections showing Biden losing in American Samoa, the campaign downplayed it as “silly news,” emphasizing the small number of votes and pointing to Michael Bloomberg’s win in 2020.

Palmer’s platform focuses on advocating for American Samoa, championing young Americans, and promoting a talent economy driven by mission-driven entrepreneurs. His candidacy gained attention at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics’ “Lesser-Known Candidate Forum” among 18 Democratic presidential hopefuls lacking national recognition.

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