Sunday, April 14, 2024

View: It’s important to support Ukraine immediately to avoid more expensive conflicts in the future

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With Russia getting more involved in Ukraine and conflicts spreading in the Middle East, many wonder if the US is still a reliable friend leading the free world. The big question now is if the US will keep supporting Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan with the money they desperately need. It’s not just our friends watching; our enemies are keeping a close eye too.

Congress has been stuck deciding on this money for a while now. Meanwhile, Ukraine urgently needs help as they’re running low on ammo, and civilian areas need better defense against Russian attacks. Without US support, Ukraine will struggle on the battlefield. The recent loss of Avdiivka to Russia is partly blamed on not enough Western ammo. If the US keeps dragging its feet, more Ukrainian cities might fall to Putin.

Helping Ukraine isn’t just about being nice. Over 60% of the military aid Congress gave has benefited the US economy. The money used to arm Ukraine also boosts US weapon supplies and creates jobs in many states. It’s important for our defense, especially with China’s growing threat.

Republicans worry about the country’s debt, which is fair, but national security shouldn’t take a back seat. It’s in America’s interest to help our friends defend themselves against bullies. A strong Ukraine, a safe Israel, and a secure Taiwan are better for us in the long run.

This war might drag on for years, needing Western support. President Biden helped rally NATO to help Ukraine, but his reluctance to give Ukraine weapons hurt their fight. But that’s no reason to deny them help now.

China’s actions worry not just Europe but also allies in the Indo-Pacific like Taiwan and Japan. If the US won’t help Ukraine, how can these countries trust us to help them against China?

Not giving more aid only makes our enemies bolder. China, Russia, and Iran are working together against us. How we deal with one affects how the others see us.

If we abandon Ukraine, it will embolden Russia. Iran might stir up more trouble in the Middle East. And China might see us as weak and act against Taiwan.

Our friends and enemies see the big picture, even if some American leaders don’t. We need to show we’re a reliable ally and won’t back down. Politics shouldn’t get in the way. Helping our friends and deterring bullies might cost money, but not doing so will cost us more in the end. Leading is tough, but it’s worth it for America’s sake.

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