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Uvalde’s top cop suddenly quits shortly after a report says the officers are not to blame for the tragedy at Robb Elementary School

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Just before the Uvalde City Council was about to reject a report that cleared local police officers of wrongdoing in the Robb Elementary School incident, the city’s police chief, Daniel Rodriguez, unexpectedly announced his resignation on Tuesday.

Chief Rodriguez was not in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24, 2022, during the school incident but had assigned Lt. Mariano Pargas to be the acting chief that day. Pargas, who arrived at the school quickly, failed to take charge or help children in danger, leading to his resignation in November 2022.

Rodriguez, despite families demanding action against officers, supported his team and did not take disciplinary measures. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Rodriguez stated that it was time for a new chapter in his career, expressing confidence in the police department’s future under new leadership. His resignation is effective April 6.

The report, which angered victims’ families, contradicts findings from the Department of Justice and the Texas House of Representatives. The investigator, Jesse Prado, declined to provide answers about how he reached his conclusions when questioned by CNN.

Former Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin and some council members rejected the report, stating that it did not provide answers and only intensified the community’s pain. McLaughlin emphasized the need for transparency and accountability among all law enforcement agencies involved in the incident.

Despite the intention to find out what happened during the school shooting, McLaughlin mentioned that some records have not been released, and leadership failures contributed to the tragic outcome. The Prado report, labeled for potential litigation, sparked outrage among council members and the community, with families of victims expressing dismay and anger during a meeting.

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