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Uvalde shooting: Families of those hurt are really mad because a private investigator said the officers did nothing wrong

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An investigator looked into how the local police responded to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in May 2022. He shared his findings at a city council meeting, saying the officers did their best and didn’t break any rules. But this upset many families who lost loved ones in the shooting. They think the police didn’t act quickly enough.

Jesse Prado, the investigator, didn’t name any officers who did things wrong. He said they all tried their best, even though other investigations said they messed up.

After Prado spoke, angry parents wanted him to come back to the meeting. They were upset because they think the report didn’t hold the police accountable.

During the meeting, people got really mad. They didn’t like what Prado said about the police. They said they would keep fighting for justice for the victims.

One council member said he was also disappointed with the report. He hadn’t seen it before the meeting and didn’t expect it to say what it did.

Some parents talked to Prado after the meeting. They were upset and asked him how he could say what he did.

The investigator said the police did what they were supposed to do. He mentioned a commander who decided not to move forward, which might have stopped the shooter earlier.

But another report said something different. It said the police did have a shield to protect them, but they didn’t use it.

This investigation comes after other reports criticized how the police handled the shooting. Families of the victims have been asking for answers for almost two years now.

Even though the investigator said the police did their best, many people still feel like they didn’t do enough to save lives that day.

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