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UAB student’s Goodwill wedding dress bargain makes Luxury dreams come true

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Emmali Osterhoudt’s recent wedding dress bargain at Goodwill wows the community and amazed the thrift shoppers. She bought a dress for $25 at Goodwill. Later found it was a luxury worth $6,000 dollars.

She’s a nursing student at University of Alabama, Birmingham, went out shopping for picture frames. Where she tried this dress at a store in Green springs and found it perfect.

She shared, “After I purchased my frames, I told my roommate, let’s go to the 50% off section, where I found this beautiful wedding dress that looked like it was my size. I tried it on in the dressing room, and it was the perfect match.”

Emmali Osterhoudt

Afterwards curiosity to find the dress’s worth made her discover it was by designer Galia Lahav, worthing $6,200. Lahav is a famous brand common among celebrities. Beyonce, Simone Biles and Paris Hilton wore it previously.

She shared her great find in her TikTok video, which went viral with almost 3M views and tons of comments. In response she said, “I’ve been grateful for the love shown by people in the comment section. Usually, when videos go viral, you get some nasty comments, but I have mostly received love.”

Emmali Osterhoudt, from Germany pursuing degree in Nursing at University of Alabama

She added, “I never knew this video would blow up. I will not become an influencer. I’ll continue to do videos, but nursing will be my career.”


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