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Trump’s strong words about NATO are making people in Europe really worried

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When Donald Trump talks, it’s usually in his own bubble, not making much impact globally. It’s like background noise, more about showing strength than real policies. But recently, he said something different. He mentioned that if a NATO member doesn’t spend enough on defense, he wouldn’t promise protection against Russia. He shared a story about a big NATO ally not meeting the spending target but still wanting protection. Trump basically said, “Let Russia do whatever they want” to that ally. Trump has never liked NATO, thinking they take advantage of the US without giving much in return.

The Republican leader doesn’t really get how NATO works. NATO is like a big group of countries teaming up to protect each other. It started to face off against the Soviet Union. If one country in NATO is attacked, everyone helps out. The US likes this because it makes them look strong and supported globally.

But now, the Republican leader is saying things that could hurt Europe. Some people in his party want to stop helping Ukraine, and that’s not good. If Ukraine doesn’t get the money it needs, they won’t be able to defend themselves, and it will be a win for Putin.

We’re not sure why the Republican leader likes Putin so much. Maybe he thinks Putin is a tough guy, or maybe he just likes Russia’s old-fashioned ways. Whatever the reason, it’s causing problems. The leader’s comments make it seem like the US is weak and not getting the respect it deserves.

When the leader talks nicely about Putin on TV, it makes Russia look good. This might change how the US deals with Russia in the future. If things go bad, it could be a big problem for Europe. We hope it doesn’t lead to a war, but it’s a risky situation.

For almost ten years, Europe has been worried about dealing with a possible threat from Russia on its own. Trump’s first term made this concern more evident. Now, there’s a big war happening in Europe, the largest since the 1940s, making the danger even more serious.

The UK has changed its talk lately, suggesting that we’re not in a time of peace after the war, but possibly heading towards another war. Some important military folks in the UK are even thinking about making people join the military by force. Finland and Sweden urgently want to be part of NATO. Germany’s foreign ministry responded to Trump with a “All for one, one for all” idea. The European Council President, Charles Michel, criticized Trump’s risky statements.

Europe’s defense usually relies on the strength of the US. Moscow is not that strong after its failed attempt to invade an unprepared neighbor. It can’t easily conquer Western Europe. But don’t be fooled – without a solid promise of US help, NATO’s power is greatly weakened. This puts the alliance’s unity and even its existence in doubt.

Trump knows this. He’s not just saying the US won’t help NATO buddies who haven’t paid. He’s suggesting that Russia should attack and cause harm to US allies. It might be just talk, maybe to rally his supporters, but it’s making a big impact, especially in European capitals and Moscow.

Trump’s followers like his straightforward style, but this isn’t just a show anymore after what happened in Ukraine two years ago. It’s a serious moment, and we hope history won’t have to look back at it as something very important.

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