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Trump’s laid-back CNBC chat offers a sneak peek into the upcoming election strategy

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Soon after Donald Trump phoned in to CNBC on Monday morning, a host on the financial network’s main show asked a simple question: How does the former president’s vision for the country compare to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last week?

In a long 280-word response, Trump shared his thoughts on Biden’s speech, calling it a “terrible performance” by a “very angry man losing badly in the polls.” However, he didn’t talk about his own plans for a second term.

The conversation then meandered into various topics. When asked about cryptocurrency policy, Trump boasted about his new sneaker line. He acknowledged TikTok as a national security threat but mentioned some positives about the Chinese social media site, while criticizing its American rival Facebook. Trump also dismissed concerns about political polarization and praised Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán.

By the end of the interview, Trump, now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, unintentionally gave a political advantage to his opponent by suggesting cuts to Medicare and Social Security, causing damage control for his campaign.

Despite Trump’s success in the GOP primary, where he didn’t exert much effort, his evasive and convoluted responses remind everyone why he can be a headache for his party and campaign. His comments on entitlement programs contradicted his previous promises to protect them, creating a challenge for his campaign to manage the fallout.

Biden quickly seized on Trump’s remarks, stating that even that morning, Trump mentioned cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Trump’s campaign later issued a press release reiterating his commitment to protecting entitlements.

Additionally, Trump’s sudden change of stance on TikTok caught Republican leaders off guard, especially as they were working to ban the platform. Trump’s comments on the matter, including a meeting with a major donor, added more complexity to the situation.

In the interview, Trump also discussed his legal challenges, portraying himself as a pioneer facing indictments and judgments. This CNBC appearance offered viewers, especially those tuning in for a Biden-Trump rematch, a chance to hear extensively from the former president since leaving office.

The interview concluded with host Joe Kernen thanking Trump and expressing anticipation for future conversations. Trump responded with gratitude and farewells to everyone.

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