Sunday, April 14, 2024

Trump wants Supreme Court to stop decision saying he can be charged in January 6 case

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Donald Trump, the ex-President, wants the Supreme Court to help him avoid facing charges and protect him from prosecution. He’s worried that going to trial during the election season could harm his chances of winning against President Biden. Trump’s lawyers are urging the Supreme Court to stop a recent decision that rejected his immunity claims. This puts the Supreme Court in a tough spot, as they’re already dealing with another case about whether Trump should be disqualified from the ballot due to his actions on January 6, 2021.

The special counsel, Jack Smith, has some time to respond, but he’s likely to do it sooner to speed up the process. The Supreme Court’s decision on Trump’s request will have a big impact on whether he’ll face trial for criminal charges while running for the Republican nomination and the presidency again.

Trump is taking a unique approach, suggesting he might appeal the decision to the Supreme Court and maybe even ask for a rehearing in the DC Circuit. This shows he wants to delay the process as much as possible. Steve Vladeck, a legal expert, says Trump’s clear goal is to drag out the proceedings.

A panel of three judges has set a quick timeline for Trump to appeal, pushing him to go straight to the Supreme Court by Monday. Chief Justice John Roberts is likely to set a schedule soon, giving hints about when this might be resolved. Jack Smith wants a quick resolution, but Trump’s strategy is to delay until after the 2024 election.

The issue is a recent unanimous decision from the DC Circuit rejecting Trump’s immunity claims, saying no ex-President is above the law. Trump argued that this could make future Presidents hesitant to act. The judges didn’t buy it, calling Trump’s actions after the 2020 election an assault on American institutions.

This case has reached the Supreme Court before, and in December, they rejected a request to decide on immunity quickly. Now, Trump’s lawyers are referencing that decision, saying it’s like déjà vu. The Supreme Court is in a tricky position, dealing with two important cases that could impact the upcoming presidential election.

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