Sunday, April 14, 2024

Trump shows he doesn’t like the new Senate foreign aid plan

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The day before the Senate starts voting on a $95.3 billion foreign aid package for Israel and Ukraine, former President Donald Trump said the US should only give money if it’s like a loan – with a hope of getting it back or with conditions attached. He shared this on Truth Social.

Trump’s words followed his strong criticism of a $118 billion bipartisan border deal and foreign aid package, blocked by Senate Republicans. The deal aimed to impose strict border measures and was partly crafted by one of their own, Senator James Lankford. Trump’s recent comments hint that the new aid package might face a similar fate.

Trump celebrated the failure of the $118 billion deal at a rally in South Carolina, emphasizing its defeat as a victory for conservatives. The deal would have provided aid to key allies, including support for Ukraine against Russia, security assistance for Israel, and humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Ukraine.

Republicans wanted border security in the bill but rejected it under pressure from Trump, who prioritizes the US southern border in his political agenda. Democrats criticized Republicans for opposing the deal, accusing them of bowing to Trump’s influence.

The current $95.3 billion foreign aid package, facing potential challenges from Trump and Senator Rand Paul, advanced in the Senate on Thursday. Paul, a long-time opponent of foreign aid, may use rules to slow down the process. Without a unanimous agreement, the Senate is expected to work through the weekend.

The bill, if passed by the Senate, would move to the House, where Speaker Mike Johnson’s stance is uncertain. Many House Republicans oppose additional aid to Ukraine. The new foreign aid package includes support for Ukraine, security assistance for Israel, and humanitarian aid for various regions, totaling $95.3 billion.

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