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Trump is now officially in charge of the Republican National Committee since McDaniel has resigned

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Donald Trump moved quickly to make his mark on the Republican Party just days after becoming its likely presidential nominee.

At the spring meeting of the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Friday, members promoted Trump-backed candidates Michael Whatley and Lara Trump to be the new chair and co-chair, succeeding Ronna McDaniel and Drew McKissick. The former president also plans to place his senior advisers, Chris LaCivita and James Blair, in key roles at the RNC.

These changes are normal when a party has a de facto or official presidential nominee. Trump aims to closely align the RNC with his campaign, emphasizing election fraud concerns and boosting fundraising efforts, given the committee’s financial challenges.

With Trump almost securing the GOP nomination months ahead of the convention, he gains early access to the RNC’s voter data and fundraising infrastructure. This support ensures state parties work towards electing Trump, aligning closely with his campaign’s goals.

Ronna McDaniel, who led the RNC since 2017, stepped down amid tensions with Trump over the committee’s handling of the 2020 election and fundraising challenges.

Trump’s interest in Michael Whatley is tied to the North Carolina GOP chairman’s focus on election fraud claims. Whatley’s loyalty to both Trump and establishment Republicans makes him a strategic choice for RNC chair.

Whatley’s initial challenge is to revive the RNC’s fundraising, but with Trump as the presumptive nominee, leveraging his branding could boost financial support. Lara Trump, in her role as co-chair, aims to enhance RNC fundraising through public appearances and donations.

The question remains whether the RNC will assist in covering Trump’s legal expenses, with conflicting statements from senior advisers. Some expect the committee to contribute, continuing a practice from Trump’s earlier years in office. Lara Trump suggests GOP voters might support such financial assistance.

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