Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Trump criticizes Haley because her husband, who is currently deployed, wasn’t present

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Donald Trump spoke at a gathering in South Carolina and talked about Nikki Haley, his rival, taking a hit at her husband being away overseas. He questioned where he was and mocked his absence.

Nikki Haley responded by criticizing Trump for mocking a combat veteran’s service and challenged him to say it to her face on a debate stage instead of behind her back. Her husband, Michael Haley, also fired back at Trump on Twitter with a meme comparing humans to animals.

Interestingly, Melania Trump has not joined her husband in public events since his presidential announcement in November 2022 and hasn’t been seen with him during his court appearances.

Despite controversies, Trump is feeling more confident in his position as the leading candidate for the GOP. His recent victories in early contests have bolstered his campaign’s belief that he’ll have enough delegates by mid-March to be declared the presumptive Republican nominee well before the national convention in July.

Trump’s South Carolina visit followed other recent travels, including appearances in Nevada and Pennsylvania. The release of a special counsel report on President Joe Biden provided Trump with new material for his campaign, highlighting concerns about Biden’s handling of classified documents, memory, and age.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court seemed likely to support Trump and reject an effort in Colorado to label him an insurrectionist and remove him from the state’s presidential ballot.

Haley plans to stay in the race until her home state’s primary on February 24, boosted by strong fundraising. However, Trump sees the South Carolina primary as the opportunity to defeat his last major rival.

Trump’s confidence comes from his consistent lead in polls, making his campaign less aggressive in South Carolina compared to earlier states. Despite a lighter schedule, Trump’s team emphasizes they are not taking South Carolina for granted.

The campaign has a more sophisticated approach this time, thanks to senior adviser Susie Wiles. They have staff across all counties, sent out mailers, and enlisted top lawmakers to criticize Haley.

In a Saturday rally, Trump intensified his attacks on Haley, questioning her mental fitness. Despite pressure, Haley remains committed to the race, holding fundraisers and rallies in Super Tuesday states.

Trump’s campaign aims for him to be the GOP nominee soon, shifting focus to a general election against Biden. Despite Haley’s resilience, Trump’s team believes she is an easy opponent, reflecting their desire for a swift nomination process.

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