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Trump criticizes E. Jean Carroll’s disagreement with his plea to postpone bond payment as ‘not making sense’

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Donald Trump, the ex-President, said on Saturday that E. Jean Carroll can’t say two different things. She wanted $83.3 million from the trial, claiming he’s super rich. But now, when he asks for time to pay, she says he’s not proving he’s rich.

Trump’s lawyers think Carroll is being inconsistent. Last Thursday, Carroll told Judge Lewis Kaplan that Trump is not reliable with money and didn’t give proof of his wealth. In reply, Trump’s lawyers wrote to Kaplan that Carroll’s new position is different from what she said a month ago. Back then, she thought Trump has $14 billion and can easily pay a big amount like $83.3 million.

Last month, Trump asked Kaplan for 30 days to pay or cover the $83.3 million after they decide on the damages. They promised to file the necessary papers in five days.

On February 8, Kaplan officially announced the jury’s decision and gave Trump 30 days to pay a bond if he wants to appeal. If the judge says no, Trump has to pay up in less than two weeks.

Trump’s lawyers want Kaplan to let him pay a $24.4 million bond, which they say is more than enough to cover any small risk to the person suing him.

They also plan to argue that the punishment money is too high and should be less. Trump is also saying the other damages given to Carroll are too much.

Since the decision last month, Trump’s money situation got more complex. Carroll’s lawyers mentioned this in their complaint.

In another case about fraud, a judge made Trump pay $454 million last month. This makes the total he owes more than half a billion dollars. Trump wanted to pay a $100 million bond and asked a higher court to delay when he has to pay. The higher court said no on Wednesday. Trump’s lawyers will file their papers in five days.

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