Sunday, April 14, 2024

Top American military leader raises concerns about Russia gaining more control in Africa

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The boss of US Africa Command told Congress that Russia is really trying hard to get more power in African countries. He said some countries are almost under Russia’s control because they’re believing the fake stories Russia spreads. This could mess up NATO’s safety plans.

There are lots of US soldiers in Africa. The US has been saying for a while that Russia and China are trying to get a strong hold on Africa. A top US military person said in 2019 that Russia was sending soldiers and selling weapons to get Africa’s natural stuff.

Russia wants to have a say in Africa, and they’ve been doing better at spreading their ideas than the US. They’re making Africa less safe by spreading lies.

The US needs more stuff to fight back against Russia’s stories, especially more ways to share information. But it’s not just Russia causing trouble; China is in on it too. They both have big plans for Africa.

The US should give more spots in its military schools to African soldiers. Right now, they don’t give enough. That’s something Russia is doing better at.

But the US is ahead of Russia and China in one way. They have a program where US soldiers team up with African soldiers to learn from each other. This helps Africa be stronger and makes them like the US more. There are already partnerships with 18 African countries. The US is planning to make more partnerships over the next few years.

This program is really good and helps the US stay strong against Russia and China in Africa. It teaches African countries how to follow rules and work with others.

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