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Three individuals were accused of unlawfully selling guns and making unauthorized purchases during an incident at the Kansas City Super Bowl rally

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Three guys got accused of doing bad stuff with guns in court because of a shooting that happened at a big sports event in Kansas City. The first guy, Fedo Antonia Manning, who’s 22, got charged with 12 crimes. The other two, Ronnel Dewayne Williams, Jr., who’s 21, and Chaelyn Hendrick Groves, who’s 19, got charged with four crimes together. This news came from the US Attorney’s Office in Missouri.

CNN tried to find out who’s legally representing these guys but couldn’t get any info.

During the shooting on February 14 after the sports event, one person died, and over 20 people got hurt.

Manning got charged with making a plan to sell guns illegally, selling guns without permission, and lying on official forms 10 times. They also got charged with lying to a federal agent each.

The US Attorney, Teresa Moore, said these cases show how important it is to follow gun laws. At least two of the guns found after the shooting were bought or sold illegally. They said they’re working hard with police to stop criminals from getting guns.

The court papers say 12 people showed their guns, and at least six shot them.

The police in Kansas City found lots of guns, empty bullet casings, and other important things at the place where the shooting happened.

Moore said in a video that the charges aren’t saying these guys were shooting at the event. Instead, they’re about them buying and selling guns illegally.

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