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Three border situations that are quite different

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On Thursday, three different views on the border situation were presented:

1. In Donald Trump’s perspective, President Joe Biden is at fault, and he advocates for a military intervention to secure the border, combat an invasion of alleged “murderers,” and deport undocumented individuals from the US.

2. According to Biden, Trump is responsible for sabotaging a bipartisan agreement that would have granted new powers to control migrant influx and streamline the flawed asylum process.

3. The real-life experience of children and families enduring hunger and harsh conditions in open-air camps along the border was highlighted in court documents related to camps near the US-Mexico border in California. These filings aim to compel the federal government to improve the well-being of those waiting to make asylum claims.

The 3.3 million asylum claim backlog is a major issue in the current immigration crisis. The bipartisan bill aimed to address this by increasing border personnel and strengthening the immigration court system. The delay in hearing asylum claims is cited as a reason for the dangerous journeys migrants undertake.

Trump, during his visit to Eagle Pass, Texas, vowed to execute the largest deportation operation in American history, referring to migrants as “Joe Biden’s illegals and murderers.”

If Congress doesn’t approve such an operation, Trump might attempt to redirect funds from the Pentagon, as he did during his first term to fund a border wall. This deportation effort could involve building large camps for migrants awaiting deportation and engaging federal and local law enforcement in large-scale arrests across the country.

There is historical precedent for such an effort in the form of “Operation Wetback” during the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s.

In Eagle Pass, the border area is becoming militarized, with state officials planning to build a military base and implementing measures to deter crossings. Ongoing court disputes revolve around state attempts to take over border security from the federal government.

Meanwhile, in Brownsville, which has experienced higher volumes of migrant crossings, cooperation between state and federal authorities is seen as a successful model for handling the migrant crisis.

As the November elections approach, US voters are likely to face a choice between Biden’s and Trump’s perspectives on immigration, following Trump’s influence in derailing the bipartisan border bill.

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