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Thought: Trump achieves something remarkable. He goes even further down

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Donald Trump, the ex-President, said some pretty bad stuff again this weekend. He was in South Carolina for the Republican primary and did some really mean things. First, he talked about letting Russia do whatever they want to NATO allies. Then, he started making fun of his opponent, Nikki Haley.

Trump said Haley’s husband, Major Michael Haley, was away. He made it seem like something happened to him and tried to make fun of her. Trump isn’t in the military, and he’s facing some legal problems in Georgia, but he still said these things. People are wondering what he meant by saying Haley’s husband “knew.” Some think he was suggesting the major left to get away from Nikki.

Haley seems to have really bothered Trump with her recent actions. She’s been pointing out his mistakes and even gave out tests to check if voters are mentally competent at a rally. Despite her husband being deployed, Trump attacked him, and Haley fired back on social media, highlighting her husband’s service and questioning Trump’s fitness to be commander in chief.

Haley, who often talks about her love for her husband at campaign events, called out Trump at a rally in her home state. She stated that mocking a combat veteran’s service is unacceptable, suggesting Trump shouldn’t be president if he disrespects military sacrifices. Haley challenged Trump to speak openly if he has something to say instead of doing it behind her back.

Trump has a history of mocking veterans, like when he questioned John McCain’s war hero status. Recently, he accused General Mark Milley of treason. However, this time, he targeted the spouse of an active-duty service member. Despite Trump’s actions, it’s unlikely to cost him support, as GOP Senator Marco Rubio dismissed it as part of American politics, citing Haley’s past comments about Trump.

Over the years, Trump has faced criticism for various offensive remarks, but his base seems to thrive on his cruelty and vileness. Whether this will affect his support in the 2024 campaign is debatable, but one thing is sure: Trump is likely to make more harsh and unpleasant comments as the campaign progresses.


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