Monday, April 15, 2024

Thought: Super Tuesday won’t be a big boost for Haley, but she could be a support for Trump

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If you keep practicing something, you get better at it. Nikki Haley is making Donald Trump stronger by staying in the race for the Republican nomination, even though she’s not winning many votes. Trump probably wishes she would quit, but her persistence is actually helping him prepare for the election against Joe Biden.

Other challengers to Biden, like Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson, don’t really challenge him much. Haley, on the other hand, has money and support, and she can appeal to people who aren’t big fans of Trump. She may not win, but she’s giving Trump a good test.

Having a longer primary season is like practice for Trump’s campaign. It helps them figure out who might not vote for Trump in the big election. For example, in New Hampshire, Trump didn’t do as well with married voters, and in South Carolina, a lot of Republicans who think Biden won the 2020 election didn’t support Trump.

Even though Haley’s campaign makes Trump spend more money, it’s also helping him learn about the voters and how to get them to vote. This practice is important because winning the support of your party’s voters is crucial in the actual election. So, even though Haley isn’t a big threat to Trump winning the nomination, her campaign is like a rehearsal that makes him better for the main event against Biden.

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