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Thought: Jason Kelce showed us what it means to be a great American man

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Jason Kelce has said his goodbyes, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

On Monday, Travis Kelce, Jason’s well-known brother, entered the Philadelphia Eagles’ press room with his usual stylish flair – a two-tone shirt, dark glasses, and friendship bracelets on his wrist. He took a seat in the front row with their parents. Jason followed suit after returning from his 7th Pro Bowl appearance, sporting his characteristic look – bushy hair, black muscle tee, and a water bottle in hand. As he sat alone at the front table, he expressed gratitude for everyone’s presence.

Before he could even get started, Jason managed to say, “Let’s see how long this lasts.” But emotions took over, and he struggled through deep breaths and attempts to compose himself, ultimately succumbing to tears during his retirement speech.

The press conference aimed to confirm what most already knew: Jason Kelce was retiring after 13 seasons of professional football. During the emotional 45-minute talk, he shared heartfelt moments about his family, friends, teachers, coaches, teammates, and Eagles’ staff. The tears and emotions were just as impactful as the words he spoke.

Jason acknowledged the narrative power of players and emphasized how he and his brother Travis are reshaping the perception of tough-guy masculinity in the NFL. Despite being considered the most successful siblings in the league, they openly display their emotions, challenging stereotypes.

The brothers have been seen in various settings, from facing each other on the field to appearing together on “Saturday Night Live” and in the documentary “Kelce.” Their podcast, “New Heights,” provides glimpses of their playful banter, including Travis teasing Jason about his fashion choices.

Jason also spoke fondly of his wife, Kylie, whom he met in 2014. He emphasized her positive impact on his life, stating that he enjoyed the best year of his career with her by his side. Since the Eagles’ playoff exit, Jason has been living a more public life, openly expressing emotions that align with the heartfelt retirement speech he delivered.

The Kelce brothers’ strong bond, showcased through their affection for each other and their families, extends beyond mere expressions of love – they embody it. Jason credited Travis for playing a crucial role in his life, especially during challenging times.

As Jason concluded his tribute to Travis, he quoted lyrics from one of Travis’s girlfriend Taylor Swift’s songs, highlighting the pop star’s presence in their lives. Jason’s retirement, marked by tears and sincere words, reflects the emotions that define him and his brother as elite athletes and champions who believe in the significance of expressing feelings, both on and off the field.

In contrast to other athletes’ diverse ways of saying goodbye to their sports, Jason Kelce’s farewell involved tears, heartfelt words, deep breaths, and warm embraces. The Kelce brothers advocate for the acceptance of emotions in football and beyond, sending a powerful message to everyone, whether Super Bowl champions or not.

After watching the press conference, a fan expressed, “I still don’t know if I’m an actual football fan. I am a huge Kelce brothers fan, and I will miss Jason on the field. Whatever he does next, I’ll be watching.”

For now, Jason has concluded his football career, and as he wrapped up, he walked over to embrace Travis, their parents, and Kylie – individuals who were there not just as spectators but as active participants, experiencing and expressing the moment alongside him, with plenty of tears.

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