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These American cities are offering a reward of up to $15,000 for folks willing to relocate

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Living in the United States is getting more expensive. With prices going up all the time, high interest rates, and healthcare costs through the roof, many Americans want to find ways to save money.

One option gaining popularity is relocation packages offered by smaller cities and towns. These places want to attract new residents, so they offer cash and other perks to get people to move there.

These programs are also known as worker relocation incentive programs. They’re available all over the country, but they all have the same idea: offer money and other cool stuff to attract workers who can move around. Some of the best deals offer five-figure amounts of money and even incentives for buying a home.

According to, which connects remote workers with these offers, the number of cities doing this has doubled recently. In 2023, over 50,000 people applied for these programs.

But not everyone likes the idea of paying people to move. Some local residents may feel ignored, and it could cause problems in the community. Kyle Samuels, the CEO of a company in North Carolina, thinks these programs might not work as well as more companies require people to work in the office.

Some programs have already ended. For example, a program in Arkansas that paid tech workers $10,000 and gave them a free bike stopped, and Vermont’s program paying up to $10,000 also ended in 2023.

But there are still programs available with good offers. Here’s one to consider if you’re thinking about moving and getting paid:

**Tulsa, Oklahoma:** This program, called Tulsa Remote, started in 2018. They give remote workers and entrepreneurs $10,000 to move to the city for a year. Since it began, almost 2,900 people joined, generating $307 million in income. The program also brought in new tax revenue for the city and state. Applications are open, and they plan to have 4,000 members by 2027. To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, lived outside Oklahoma for a year, and move to Tulsa within 12 months of approval.


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