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The younger brother of the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, got a 6-month unsupervised probation for a battery incident

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Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, got a six-month unsupervised probation on Thursday after admitting to a simple battery charge, as per court records.

“Jackson is grateful for the support he got from family and friends over the past year. He admitted to a single simple battery charge and got six months of unsupervised probation,” said Brandan Davies, Jackson’s lawyer, to CNN on Friday. “Jackson just wanted the case to end and move on with his life. The matter is closed now, and no more statements will be made.”

In May 2023, Mahomes was arrested and faced three charges of aggravated sexual battery and one of battery by the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.

However, in January, prosecutors decided to drop the three charges of aggravated sexual battery, according to court records.

Patrick Mahomes, Jackson’s brother, is the main quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, having won two Super Bowls and being the only quarterback to secure the league’s MVP position twice in just six years.

In a separate incident, Patrick Mahomes’ father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., was arrested in Texas in February under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

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