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The US might need about 2 months and send around 1,000 troops to build a floating pier for delivering help to Gaza, as per the Pentagon

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A special pier and pathway that will be used to bring essential humanitarian help by sea to Gaza is anticipated to take somewhere between one to two months for the US military to construct and become fully operational, according to Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder, speaking on Friday.

Ryder also mentioned that approximately 1,000 US military personnel might be needed for the construction of the pier and pathway.

The longer time frame reflects the complex nature of the project, the second extraordinary measure announced by the Biden administration in less than a week to address the severe humanitarian situation for Palestinians in Gaza. This situation stems from Israel’s refusal to open more land crossings or increase aid by land, while the conflict with Hamas continues.

The objective is to enhance a maritime corridor that the US, the European Commission, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, and the UK have been working on to directly deliver assistance.

There’s growing frustration in the administration due to the Israeli government’s seeming disregard for the urgency of the humanitarian crisis. The US military pier is one of several measures announced by the international community to ease the crisis in Gaza, where over two million people urgently need food, and the medical system is nearly collapsed.

President Joe Biden announced the plan for the US military to establish a floating dock in his State of the Union address, following the recent US air-dropping of meals into Gaza to aid the population on the brink of famine, as warned by the United Nations.

However, the airdrops, although providing some relief, are insufficient to meet the needs of over two million Palestinians in the strip. The maritime corridor will involve multiple nations, but the US government will oversee the floating pier off the coast of Gaza, constructed by the US military, including Navy and Army personnel.

The pier will facilitate aid unloading, transported across a causeway into Gaza, also built by the US military. Once operational, this capability could provide up to 2 million meals per day for the people of Gaza, according to Ryder.

The plan, named the Blue Beach Plan internally, was developed in part by Fogbow, an advisory group comprising former military, UN, and USAID and CIA personnel. Qatar is investing $60 million in the maritime corridor initiative, which Fogbow is expected to lead operationally.

Despite the challenges, discussions about the maritime corridor intensified when it became evident that humanitarian aid wasn’t entering Gaza quickly enough through existing land crossings. The US is working to identify local partners to receive and distribute aid on the Gaza side of the causeway.

In conclusion, the US is leading an emergency mission to set up a temporary pier to address the urgent humanitarian needs in Gaza without deploying boots on the ground. The plan involves a floating pier, a causeway, and collaboration with international partners to deliver aid effectively.

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