Monday, April 15, 2024

The shiny layer of oil disappeared from the water in Huntington Beach, Southern California. Officials mentioned that 85 gallons of oily stuff got removed

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The shiny stuff in the water near Huntington Beach, Southern California, seems to be gone on Saturday. Crews are cleaning up the tar that washed ashore. Officials in a helicopter on Saturday didn’t see any shiny stuff, according to the city of Huntington Beach. The US Coast Guard found the shiny stuff on Thursday, and on Friday, they worked to clean up about 85 gallons of oily stuff from the water near Huntington Beach, known as Surf City USA.

The shiny stuff was about half a mile wide and about 2 and a half miles long, according to the Coast Guard. It was seen about 1 and a half miles off the coast. The city said there’s some tar on the beach, but it’s not enough to close the area. They’re cleaning it up, though.

They’re telling people not to touch or pick up the tar and not to put it in beach trash cans. If you see a lot of tar on the beach, tell a lifeguard. The city’s keeping an eye on the coastline, and they cleaned up most of the shiny stuff on Friday.

About 85% of the shiny stuff was cleaned up on Friday before they had to stop because of the rough sea. Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley said the oil spill is contained, and they’re still checking things. They found one bird with oil on it, a grebe.

Nearby cities like Newport Beach, Long Beach, and Laguna Beach are watching to see if the oil affects their shores. The Coast Guard is trying to find out where the shiny stuff came from, and they think it might be from a platform.

This incident happened a little over 2 years after a big oil spill in the same area that closed beaches for about a week. The company involved in the 2021 spill, Amplify Energy, says they’re not sure if this new shiny stuff is related to their operations. They’re working with the Coast Guard to find out more.

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