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The plane from Alaska Airlines was going for a checkup when a piece of it broke on the same day

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Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 had a door issue after takeoff on January 5. The airline planned to take the plane out of service for maintenance that night. They didn’t specify why, but mentioned investigating warning lights indicating a potential pressurization problem over the previous 10 days.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair, Jennifer Homendy, knew about pressurization problems before the door incident. The NTSB initially thought they were unrelated but later clarified that the warnings started in early December, weeks after the plane was delivered.

Max Tidwell from Alaska Airlines said they didn’t see the indicator lights as a serious issue. Deferred maintenance is common, and the plane had 154 successful flights before the incident.

The NTSB found that Boeing likely missed required bolts in the door plug, causing it to blow off. It’s unclear if a faster maintenance schedule would have caught this. Despite concerns, the airline restricted the plane from long-haul routes over water.

Alaska Airlines stated confidence in their actions but will participate in the NTSB investigation. Their stock fell slightly, but blame largely fell on Boeing. The incident raises questions about aircraft maintenance policies and regulations.

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