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The person in charge of the movie ‘Rust’ shared what happened when they got shot on the film set while giving evidence in the trial of the person responsible for handling weapons

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Joel Souza, the person who directed and wrote the “Rust” movie, talked in court on Friday about when he got shot on set. He said there was a really loud noise, not like the usual sounds on a movie set. It was so loud that it felt like someone hit him with a baseball bat on his shoulder.

He was standing behind the cameraperson, Halyna Hutchins, trying to see the shot on the camera. He saw Halyna being lowered to the ground, and people were helping her on both sides. At first, he didn’t understand what happened. He thought maybe she got scared, but then he saw blood on her back. Sadly, Halyna passed away from the shooting in October 2021.

Joel also remembered Halyna saying sorry to him, and someone shouting at her before they took her away. When he went to the hospital, he didn’t realize he got shot by a bullet. He kept saying it couldn’t be true because it was just a movie set. The doctors showed him an X-ray of his back, and he saw a big bullet in it.

In the trial, they’re trying to figure out if Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was in charge of the weapons, or Alec Baldwin and the movie’s team are responsible for the shooting. The prosecutor says Gutierrez-Reed didn’t do safety checks properly, so live bullets got on set. Her defense team says the movie’s team made a messy situation, and she was given too much to handle at just 24 years old.

Gutierrez-Reed says she’s not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and Baldwin also says he’s not guilty of the charges related to Halyna’s death.

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