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The National Guard was deployed to safeguard migrants at New York relief centers. However, according to a lawsuit, some individuals within the National Guard allegedly engaged in sexual exploitation of these migrants

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Some people who were supposed to help asylum-seekers in New York are accused of doing bad things instead. They include National Guard members and relief workers. These people are said to have sexually harmed women and children, hurt a person in a shelter, and made living conditions very bad. This information comes from a lawsuit filed in court.

Most of the bad things happened at a hotel called Quality Inn in Cheektowaga, near Buffalo Niagara International Airport. This hotel was turned into a place for asylum-seekers by a company called DocGo, which is controversial. The lawsuit asks for a lot of money and for the case to be decided by a jury.

In one case, a National Guard member took a woman and her kids to a faraway place and asked her to do sexual things in exchange for helping her. This made her feel very scared and alone. In other cases, bad things like violence and inappropriate touching happened to asylum-seekers.

The governor of New York says they’re taking this very seriously and will punish those responsible. The company, DocGo, says they’re investigating and cooperating with the authorities.

The lawsuit says that some people in charge at the shelter were behaving badly with the asylum-seekers. They were seen being too close and kissing guests at a party. When others complained about this behavior, nothing was done, and it became normal.

Some workers who tried to report these bad things were fired instead. The lawsuit also says that some National Guard members took advantage of vulnerable people by doing bad things to them.

One man, Alexander, was kicked out of the shelter after he was attacked by a manager there. He had to spend days outside in the cold.

Overall, the lawsuit says that the people running the shelter deceived asylum-seekers and made their living conditions very bad. They traveled a long way to live in dirty and unsafe places.

The authorities are investigating these claims, but some organizations and officials haven’t responded to requests for comment.

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