Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The main cybersecurity agency in the US got hacked, and they had to shut down some of their computer systems to deal with the attack

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Last month, a government group responsible for keeping computer systems safe found out it got hacked. This made them shut down two important computer systems. One of them helps officials share tools for checking cyber and physical security. The other stores information about the safety of chemical facilities.

A spokesperson from the group said there’s no big problem right now, and they’re working on making their systems better. They emphasized that any organization can face a cyber attack, so it’s crucial to have a plan to deal with such incidents. The hack only affected two systems, and they quickly took them offline. These systems were using old technology and were already planned to be replaced.

The group, called CISA, is part of the Department of Homeland Security. They investigate cyber attacks on government agencies and advise private companies on improving their security.

The hack was reported by The Record. It’s not clear who did it, but it happened because of weaknesses in software made by a company called Ivanti. CISA has been telling government agencies and companies to update their software because hackers have been taking advantage of these weaknesses. Some experts say a Chinese group focused on spying is among those exploiting these weaknesses.

It’s a bit ironic that even the people in charge of cybersecurity can get hacked. They use the same technology as everyone else. Last year, the top US cybersecurity diplomat mentioned that his social media account was hacked, calling it part of the challenges of his job.

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