Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The latest memo from the Republican National Committee reveals the plans for joining forces with the Trump campaign

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Republican National Committee members received a three-page message from Chairman Michael Whatley about the RNC’s joining forces with the Trump campaign.

The memo came after Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination and his chosen team took charge.

“As always, according to the rules, the RNC is teaming up with the Trump campaign. We are now working together as one,” Whatley said.

Whatley and Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, took over as chair and co-chair on March 8 without facing any opposition. The memo highlights the committee’s main goals, including focusing on claims of election fraud.

“Our top priority regarding election integrity will involve a bigger effort in the next few months to challenge voter ID and signature verification rules introduced in the 2020 election. We will vigorously and proactively tackle these legal matters to ensure voting is easy and cheating is hard,” Whatley said.

Trump supported Whatley, the former head of the North Carolina Republican Party, partly due to his focus on election fraud claims.

The memo also mentions Whatley’s new hires, including a team of lawyers focusing on election fraud claims. This comes after the RNC laid off many staffers, including top officials, reflecting the committee’s struggles with fundraising.

Whatley’s memo also assures the preservation of community centers and the Bank Your Vote program.

“We will concentrate on reaching out to non-traditional Republican communities to show the failures of the Biden administration. Despite rumors, our community centers will remain open. We are actively expanding programs to grow our support and increase voter engagement,” Whatley said.

He also mentioned completing a fundraising agreement with the Trump campaign and appointing a data liaison to collaborate with other Republican groups.

“Lara Trump and I understand the challenges ahead. We must work hard every day. Within the organization, every cent must be spent with one goal: winning. Winning House and Senate seats, and ultimately, winning the Presidency,” Whatley said.

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