Monday, April 15, 2024

The judge refused Menendez’s request to drop the bribery and extortion accusations against him

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A judge in Manhattan made a decision on Thursday about the case involving Senator Bob Menendez. The judge said no to dismissing the charges of bribery and extortion against Menendez, saying that his argument about being protected by certain laws for lawmakers didn’t hold up.

The judge, Sidney Stein, said that the accusations against Menendez were about things he did that weren’t part of his job in the government. Menendez, along with his wife and three others, was accused of being involved in bribery. The prosecutors added more charges later, saying Menendez was doing things like working for Egypt secretly and taking gifts from Qatar in a corrupt way. Menendez says he didn’t do anything wrong.

Menendez might try to change the judge’s decision, which could mean delaying the trial that’s supposed to start in May. His lawyers are also trying to get the charges dismissed for other reasons.

One of Menendez’s lawyers, Adam Fee, said they’re looking at the judge’s decision and what they can do next. He said the jury will have to decide if Menendez did what the government says he did.

The lawyer also said they believe Menendez is innocent and they’re ready to prove it in court. This decision comes shortly after Menendez denied a bunch of new charges, including lying to investigators. He’s been under pressure to quit, even from people in his own party, but he says he’s not going anywhere and thinks he’ll be found not guilty.

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