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The judge handling Trump’s Georgia election case mentioned that the decision about whether to disqualify DA Willis won’t depend on politics

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The judge overseeing the case involving former President Donald Trump’s actions in Georgia’s election said he will give his decision on the accusations against District Attorney Fani Willis by Friday, and it won’t be influenced by politics.

Georgia Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee confirmed to a news station on Thursday that he will announce his decision on whether to remove Willis from prosecuting Trump and others on Friday, as he previously promised.

“It should come out tomorrow,” he told the news station. “I made a promise to everyone. Writing these types of orders takes time. I need to ensure I express exactly what I intend to, and I plan to stick to the schedule I provided.”

McAfee also stated that his decision will be based on the law.

“The main thing I want to emphasize is that none of my decisions will ever be influenced by politics,” he stated. “I will adhere to the law to the best of my understanding.”

McAfee had informed the court at the conclusion of the hearings regarding Willis’s disqualification that he would need at least two weeks to make a decision.

Trump and others involved in the case want Willis disqualified, alleging that she benefited financially by appointing her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, with whom she had a romantic relationship.

In a previous interview with a radio station in Atlanta, McAfee discussed the case and his plans for his reelection campaign.

“I am deciding based on what I believe is right and the law as I comprehend it. So, I still believe I am on track to complete it by the self-imposed deadline,” he commented about the order.

He also talked about how the case has impacted him personally, expressing his anticipation of discussing it with his young children in the future.

“I have two kids, aged 5 and 3. They don’t understand what’s happening or what I do,” he said. “But one day, I hope they grow up a bit and ask me about it. I look forward to telling them I remained fair and did my best.”

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