Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The highest court keeps a hold on the hotly debated Texas immigration rule for longer

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court decided to keep a hold on Texas’ immigration law for a bit longer. This law allows Texas police to arrest and hold people they think came into the country illegally.

The law was supposed to start on Wednesday, but now it’s delayed until Monday. Justice Samuel Alito made this decision to give the court more time to look at the case. This doesn’t show which way the judges are thinking about the law.

Earlier in March, the Biden administration asked the Supreme Court urgently to stop this law from being enforced.

The law, called Senate Bill 4, was signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in December. Many people worry it could lead to unfair treatment of certain groups, especially Latinos, who make up a big part of Texas’ population.

The US Justice Department says this law would change how things have been for almost 150 years regarding immigration between the US and its states.

A judge in Austin, Texas, had said the state can’t put this law into action. But another court said it could start if the Supreme Court didn’t do anything.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and others told the Supreme Court that Texas should be able to protect itself from dangerous groups bringing harmful things into the state. They believe the federal government hasn’t done enough to keep the border safe.

This case shows the ongoing disagreement between the Biden administration and Texas over immigration. Earlier, the Supreme Court helped the administration by allowing them to remove razor wire Texas had put up along parts of the US-Mexico border.

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