Monday, April 15, 2024

The government’s legal branch is cracking down on sneaky tactics used to pick specific judges, which have been used to stop Biden’s plans and ideas in Texas

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The group that makes decisions for the federal courts is changing how cases are assigned to judges. This is because some people have been choosing specific courts to file lawsuits where they know the judge will likely agree with them. They want to stop this practice, called “judge-shopping.”

For example, there was a case about a drug used for abortion where people filed the lawsuit in a court with a judge they thought would be on their side. Similarly, there have been other cases filed in specific courts to block President Biden’s plans on issues like immigration, guns, and the environment.

Now, the group in charge of the federal courts has announced a new rule. It means that when cases with big impacts across a state or the whole country are filed, they won’t automatically go to a specific judge. Instead, they’ll be randomly assigned to any judge in that area. This reduces the chance of getting a judge who might lean a certain way.

This change is happening because there has been a rise in cases where one court’s decision affects the whole country or a whole state. They believe it’s fairer for these cases to be assigned randomly, rather than letting one judge handle them based on where the lawsuit is filed.

The head of the group making this change explained that they’ll be informing all district courts about this new rule soon. It may take some time for everyone to adjust to this new way of doing things.

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