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The first male soccer player at the top level who’s openly gay asks his partner to marry him right there on the soccer field where he plays his games

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Josh Cavallo, a soccer player from Australia, made history in 2021 by being the first male professional player in the top league to openly say he’s gay. He shared his feelings in a video online and promised to make soccer more inclusive for everyone.

Many people saw this as a big moment because soccer has struggled with homophobia for a long time, especially among male players.

Since then, Josh, who is 24 years old, has become well-known in the sport and has been speaking up for LGBTQ rights.

Recently, he surprised his partner by proposing to them on the field where his team plays. He shared the news on social media along with a photo of him kneeling down with a ring.

Josh thanked his team for helping him set up the surprise and said he wanted to share this special moment where his soccer journey began.

After coming out, Josh has played in matches where he wears a jersey with rainbow colors to support LGBTQ rights. He also posts positive messages on social media.

In 2022, he was named “Man of the Year” by Attitude Magazine, which is a big LGBTQ magazine in Europe.

Josh has also spoken out against FIFA, the organization that oversees international soccer, for not allowing players to wear armbands supporting LGBTQ rights during the World Cup.

Even though soccer has made progress in fighting homophobia and racism, there are still problems. A group called Kick It Out reported a big increase in reports of discrimination in English soccer.

And sadly, there are still very few male soccer players who openly say they’re gay.

But there are also players like Aaron Ramsdale from Arsenal who speak out against homophobia because they want everyone to feel welcome at soccer games, no matter who they are.

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