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The ex-mayor of Uvalde criticizes a report that said the police weren’t at fault for what happened at Robb Elementary School during the attack

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The ex-mayor of Uvalde, Texas, disagrees with a report he asked for about how the police handled the 2022 tragedy at Robb Elementary School. He thinks the report didn’t really help the community or the families affected.

At a city council meeting, an investigator hired by the city said all the officers who went to the school from the Uvalde Police Department did the right thing. But this upset parents and families who wanted the police to be accountable for what happened.

The investigator’s opinion is different from reports from the Department of Justice and the Texas House of Representatives. They said the police made mistakes that let the attacker stay in the school for too long, and many children and teachers died.

The ex-mayor, Don McLaughlin, told CNN that the report didn’t give anyone answers and made things worse for everyone.

He said the report brought back all the pain again instead of helping to heal.

The families and survivors will probably show their emotions again when the city council talks about the report on Tuesday.

McLaughlin said they wanted the report to understand what happened and fix things for the future.

“We wanted someone from outside to look into what our officers did and see what mistakes were made. There were definitely mistakes.”

McLaughlin thinks all the officers in charge messed up, and all the agencies – local, state, and federal – should admit their mistakes together.

“But instead of being open, some information still hasn’t been shared, even after 22 months. Some of it is because the local District Attorney wanted to finish her own investigation first.”

He believes the leadership failed, and if the officers were told to go in, they would have. But they were told to wait, and no one changed that order.

The report says it was made in case there’s a lawsuit or trial, but McLaughlin says it wasn’t meant to protect anyone.

People were shocked and angry about the report, including members of the city council.

One parent, Veronica Mata, whose daughter died, didn’t agree with the investigator’s view of the officers’ actions. She said they didn’t act in good faith because they waited too long.

A council member, Hector Luevano, felt insulted by the investigator’s comments and said the families and community deserve better.

Another council member, Ernest “Chip” W. King III, said he was upset about the report and that it wasn’t what they expected.

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