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The dad of the Michigan school shooter is going to trial for manslaughter, just a few weeks after his wife was found guilty

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James Crumbley, the dad of the teenager who caused a tragic event at a Michigan high school in 2021, started facing trial for his involvement. This happened shortly after his wife, Jennifer, was found guilty of similar charges.

According to the prosecution, James Crumbley was very careless because he bought the weapon his son used for the attack, knowing his son was going through a tough time, and didn’t keep it safe.

The defense argued that James Crumbley didn’t know his son had the weapon and didn’t think there was an immediate danger.

James Crumbley said he’s not guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the incident at Oxford High School in November 2021, where his son, Ethan, killed four students and injured several others.

This case is questioning who should take responsibility for such tragedies. Prosecutors say parents should be held accountable for not taking action against warning signs.

Ethan, their son, admitted guilt and got a life sentence for the crime. He didn’t testify in his mom’s trial.

The trial is selecting a jury and will be like Jennifer’s trial but with some differences.

The evidence shows both parents knew about Ethan’s issues and gave him a gun as a gift. They were also aware of disturbing signs before the shooting but didn’t act on them.

James bought the gun, was more familiar with firearms, and was in charge of securing them at home. Evidence about Ethan’s mental health issues might be different for James compared to Jennifer.

The legal strategy and potential testimony from James could differ from Jennifer’s trial, where she blamed others and showed no regret for her actions.

Both Jennifer’s defense and the prosecution have to wait until James’s trial ends to talk publicly about Jennifer’s case.

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