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The cops now think that the 4 people accused of attacking NYPD officers didn’t run off to California on a bus, according to a source

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In New York City, police no longer think that four people, who were arrested and then let go after an attack on police officers in Times Square, escaped to California on a bus. A high-up law enforcement official shared this information with CNN on Wednesday.

Earlier, on February 1, the same official had told CNN that four suspects, who were arrested for attacking two NYPD officers in January, were given bus tickets by a charity. The plan was for them to go to Calexico, California.

After the four men were released, someone came forward and told city officials that they recognized the men from TV. This person claimed that the suspects got bus tickets from a charity they worked with. The police interviewed this person, who identified the men from photos.

The NYPD then asked Calexico police to check an address given by the charity. However, no one at that address recognized the suspects.

Later, one of the people believed to have left was arrested in New York City for robbery. This arrest, along with the investigation in Calexico, made the police think that the initial tip was a mistake.

The incident in January happened when officers tried to deal with a disorderly group near a migrant shelter in Times Square. When they tried to arrest someone, multiple individuals attacked the officers and then ran away. The officers had minor injuries.

This incident comes at a time when there’s been an increase in migrants and asylum-seekers arriving at the US-Mexican border. Many of them have made their way to major cities, including New York, either on their own or through buses organized by Texas. About 67,000 migrants are currently under New York City’s care, out of more than 173,900 who arrived in the city since spring 2022, as per information from a City Hall spokesperson shared with CNN earlier this month.

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