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Teachers in Florida have the freedom to talk about sexuality and gender identity in certain classroom situations, according to a recent legal agreement

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Florida education authorities and a group of LGBTQ advocates and families have come to an agreement that clears up some confusion about a law that some people call the “Don’t Say Gay” law. This law states that students and teachers can talk about sexual orientation and gender identity in class, but only if it’s not part of the formal teaching.

A bunch of people, like civil rights groups, parents, students, and teachers, weren’t happy with this law. They thought it was too vague and would stop teachers from talking about LGBTQ topics in schools. So, they sued the government. They said the unclear language of the law made teachers worried and confused about whether they could talk about LGBTQ stuff in class.

Now, with this settlement, it’s clear that the law only applies when teachers are formally teaching. It doesn’t stop students and teachers from talking about gender or sexuality during class discussions or when doing schoolwork. Also, it doesn’t stop schools from having books in the library that talk about LGBTQ topics.

This agreement comes at a time when some conservative groups all over the country are trying to make laws that stop teachers from talking about gender identity and sexuality in class. They also want to ban books with LGBTQ characters from schools and libraries. People who don’t like these laws say they’re trying to silence LGBTQ voices.

Some teachers in Florida were worried about this law, especially one fifth-grade teacher who got in trouble for showing a movie with a gay character. Now, teachers and students can feel a bit relieved because they know they can talk openly about LGBTQ topics without getting in trouble.

A lawyer for the people who sued the government said this agreement is a big win for LGBTQ+ students, teachers, parents, and allies in Florida. They’re happy because now LGBTQ+ kids and teachers can openly talk about their lives without fear.

Equality Florida, a group supporting LGBTQ rights, and some families were part of the lawsuit. Even Governor Ron DeSantis, who supported this law, says this agreement is a win. He believes the law is important to protect what parents want their kids to learn in school.

The Florida Board of Education will let schools know about these clarifications, and the case is expected to be closed soon.

So, while the law still says teachers can’t use books to teach about sexual orientation and gender identity, it’s okay for schools to have books about LGBTQ topics in the library.

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