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Strong winds and lack of rain are making the largest wildfire in Texas even more dangerous

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A really big fire in Texas has caused a lot of problems. It’s the largest fire ever in Texas, and it has already killed two people, destroyed many buildings, and hurt a lot of cattle. The weather conditions, like strong winds and dryness, are making things worse. Over 8 million people in different states are at a high risk of more fires. The Smokehouse Creek Fire is the biggest in Texas history, spreading across more than 1 million acres. It’s not good in Oklahoma either, where it has destroyed 31,500 acres, and they’ve only controlled 15% of it. There are five fires happening in the Texas Panhandle right now.

This weekend, the Central Plains might experience strong winds coming from the southwest, reaching up to 55 mph on Saturday and Sunday. The wind will be strongest during the afternoons when it’s the hottest.

Temperatures will stay in the upper 70s to mid-80s, and the air will be dry. This dry and warm combination can create conditions that may lead to dangerous fires.

On Saturday, a large area from western Texas to southeastern South Dakota has an increased risk of fires, especially in the Texas Panhandle where the threat is critical. The same goes for Sunday, with the highest fire risk in the Texas Panhandle and western Texas.

Important Updates:

1. **Fires Update:**
– There are four ongoing fires in Texas: Windy Deuce, Grape Vine Creek, Magenta, and 687 Reamer.
– Windy Deuce has burned 142,000 acres (60% contained).
– Grape Vine Creek covers 30,000 acres (60% contained).
– Magenta has destroyed 3,297 acres (85% contained).
– 687 Reamer has scorched 2,000 acres (10% contained).

2. **Deaths Reported:**
– Cindy Owen, a truck driver, died in the Smokehouse Creek Fire.
– Joyce Blankenship, 83, lost her life in Hutchinson County due to the fire.

3. **Fire Investigation:**
– Officials are investigating the cause of the Smokehouse Creek Fire.

4. **Holiday Fire Risk:**
– There’s an increased fire risk during Texas Independence Day celebrations.
– Officials urge caution with fireworks to prevent accidents.

5. **Cattle Industry Threatened:**
– Texas, with the most cattle in the U.S., faces severe losses.
– Fires have killed thousands of cattle, impacting the cattle industry.

6. **Helping Out:**
– GoFundMe has verified fundraisers for wildfire victims.
– Hemphill County and Fritch are accepting donations for relief efforts.

7. **Governor’s Statement:**
– Governor Greg Abbott reports 500 structures destroyed.
– The devastation is unparalleled, with structures reduced to ashes.

8. **Ranchers’ Losses:**
– Videos show cattle fleeing the flames.
– Ranchers face emotional and economic challenges.
– Shane Pennington, a farmer, lost 50 cattle and anticipates more losses.
– Recovery from the damage will take years.

Remember, helping affected communities is crucial during these tough times.

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