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Son Heung-min, the captain of South Korea, is requesting fans to forgive Lee Kang-in following an incident during the Asian Cup brawl

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Paris Saint-Germain player Lee Kang-in said sorry to Son Heung-min of Tottenham in London after a fight at the Asian Cup. They clashed during dinner before a match against Jordan. Son got his finger hurt, seen taped in later games.

Kim Ga-ram, the person who legally helps Lee, said on CNN that Lee feels really sorry for what he did. He thinks saying sorry is important because he was right in the middle of the argument.

Kim also said that playing ping pong is something the South Korea team often does.

Lee said sorry to Son, his team, and soccer fans on Instagram. He thinks it’s important to apologize in person to Son.

He knows he made a mistake and didn’t follow Son’s advice about working together. Instead, he only talked about his own ideas.

Lee admitted he let everyone down during the last Asian Cup because he didn’t think before he acted. He knows he should never have done what he did.

Lee promised to be better, work harder, and be a better soccer player and person.

After Lee said sorry, Son also posted on Instagram. He forgave Lee and asked everyone else to forgive him too. Son shared a picture of him and Lee and talked about his own mistakes.

All our players, especially the experienced ones and the captain, will make sure to guide Kang-in so he can become a better person and player, avoiding any mistakes in the future,” Son mentioned.

“I don’t think I handled it perfectly either, but as a captain, it’s part of my responsibility to address tough situations for the team’s benefit.

“Even if I face a similar situation again, I would take action for the team,” Son continued. “Kang-in is going through a tough time after that incident. Please, forgive him this one time with a kind heart.”

The South Korean soccer team faced some tough times. They barely made it to the Asian Cup semifinals, winning just one game in regular time. But then, they got knocked out by Jordan.

Before the tournament, South Korea was ranked 23rd in the world, way higher than Jordan, who was 64 places below them. Jordan reached the final but lost to Qatar, the defending champion.

Because of this loss, J├╝rgen Klinsmann, the coach from Germany, got fired on Friday. He had only been with the team for less than a year.

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