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Scientists successfully made elephant stem cells in a lab, marking a breakthrough that might aid in reviving the mammoth

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Everywhere we look, we see reminders of the different parts of life that happened on Earth. Rocks and dirt keep traces of the past, like the oldest known fossilized forest from 390 million years ago. Fossils show the variety of life that thrived and disappeared, while graves tell tales of people facing tough times centuries ago.

Life on Earth always changes. Even scientists can’t agree if a new chapter has started. Though bringing back extinct creatures seems impossible, scientists are making progress. They’re trying to make a woolly mammoth, extinct for 4,000 years, by tweaking cells from an elephant. They hope this can help the mammoth survive in the Arctic and maybe restore the vulnerable Arctic tundra.

The James Webb Space Telescope found a mysterious galaxy from when the universe was only 700 million years old. It’s the oldest “dead” galaxy, forming stars briefly before stopping. Scientists are puzzled about why this happened.

In other news, an 8,600-year-old loaf of bread was found in Turkey, and France’s Camembert cheese is facing an extinction crisis due to a shortage of the fungus used in making it. Researchers also discovered a toothless bird from 120 million years ago, changing how we see bird evolution.

A nearly complete titanosaur skeleton was found by an amateur paleontologist, and scientists used a cosmic method to date ancient humans in Europe 1.4 million years ago.

If you’re interested, there are stories about pyramid-like star dunes forming in Earth’s deserts, a 13-year-old’s idea about Archimedes’ “death ray,” and details about the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8. You can sign up for more fascinating stories from CNN Space and Science writers Ashley Strickland and Katie Hunt.

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