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Scientists discover huge dinosaur skeleton that’s 70 million years old, with bones connected from head to tail

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In May 2022, Damien Boschetto, a 25-year-old who loves exploring nature, found something cool while walking his dog in a forest in Montouliers, France. Part of a dinosaur skeleton was sticking out of the ground after a cliff collapsed. With the help of a local museum and scientists, they figured out it was a Titanosaur, a big dinosaur with a long neck.

Damien is part of a group that loves history and old stuff, and they’ve been digging up fossils in the area for years. This Titanosaur skeleton is special because it’s almost complete and still in the right order, like how it was when the dinosaur was alive. They’ve found other fossils too, like ones from plant-eating dinosaurs and meat-eating ones.

The Titanosaur skeleton is now in a museum lab, where scientists will study it more. They think it’s about 70 to 72 million years old, which means it lived a really long time ago. This kind of dinosaur was huge and ate plants, and there aren’t many skeletons found in such good shape.

Damien and his group want to keep looking for more fossils and hopefully make a big museum to show off their discoveries. They didn’t tell anyone about this find until they finished digging it up to keep it safe.

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