Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Rupert Murdoch is getting married once more

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Within a year of canceling his last wedding, the very old rich guy Rupert Murdoch has asked another lady to marry him, just a few months after they started dating.

The person who talks for Murdoch’s media stuff told CNN about it on Friday, just before Murdoch turns 93 next Monday.

This is the second time in a year that Murdoch has decided to get married. Last March, he said he was going to marry Ann Lesley Smith, who used to clean teeth and talk on the radio. But they called off the wedding a few weeks later.

Now, Murdoch is planning to marry Elena Zhukova, a 67-year-old retired scientist. The New York Times first talked about their wedding plans. Murdoch and Zhukova began dating in the summer and will get married at Murdoch’s fancy vineyard in California.

Pictures of them together have been in the news lately. Zhukova is the mom of an art collector named Dasha Zhukova, who used to be married to a rich Russian guy.

Murdoch has a lot of money and is listed as #280 on a rich people list. He used to be in charge of a big media company but gave it to his oldest son last November.

Murdoch has been married a bunch of times before. His last wife was a model named Jerry Hall, but they got divorced in August 2022. No one knows why his last engagement was called off, and his office didn’t say anything about when or where the upcoming wedding will be.

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