Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Ride-sharing and mix-and-match furniture: How Trump’s campaign is cutting costs for the upcoming general election

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As Donald Trump gets ready for the next election with Joe Biden, his team is working hard to keep spending low. They joke that Susie Wiles, a senior adviser, is like a “miser” because she watches the money closely.

Another adviser, Chris LaCivita, thinks Trump’s big rallies cost too much. He wants to have smaller, cheaper events instead. They’re trying to save money everywhere they can, like on hotels and meals.

They’re worried about running out of money, like what happened during the last election. Trump has to pay a lot for legal problems, which adds to the financial stress. He’s even paying for some of it himself, which is unusual.

The group that supports Trump financially is running low on funds. They’re trying to find new ways to get money and save what they have. But they’re not planning to ask the Republican National Committee for help, at least not yet. Some people thought they would, but they’re not going to for now.

LaCivita is set to be the RNC chief operating officer and is likely to stay on as co-campaign manager for the ex-president.

Trump’s team says they won’t ask the RNC for money to cover his legal expenses for two main reasons. Firstly, the RNC is not in good financial shape, starting the year with only $8 million in the bank, the lowest in ten years. This financial struggle prompted Trump to call for new leadership.

Secondly, Trump’s advisers prefer to keep the RNC focused on supporting his general election campaign and the overall Republican party. They want to preserve donations for both Trump and the party.

However, because Trump’s political operation is facing a tough situation with high legal fees and penalties, they might change their stance on using the RNC’s funds.

An RNC member has proposed a resolution to stop the RNC from paying Trump’s legal bills. The 168 members of the committee will have to vote on it, but some think it’s unlikely to pass.

Current and former RNC members believe that their financial situation will get better when Trump becomes the likely GOP nominee. They can then use his name and image to boost fundraising once again.

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