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Red Bull leader Christian Horner thinks Max Verstappen is now one of the best in Formula One history

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Max Verstappen hit a high note in Formula One, bagging his third world championship. The Dutch racer secured the title by finishing second in the sprint race during the Qatar Grand Prix. This victory was sealed as his closest rival, Sergio Pérez, crashed out of the race. Red Bull’s Christian Horner believes Max, at just 26, is already up there with the best in F1 history, mentioning names like Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, and Ayrton Senna. Other drivers, like Fernando Alonso, think Max is set to dominate in the coming years and might even be compared to Schumacher.

Verstappen had an amazing year in F1. Red Bull won 15 out of 16 races this season. Verstappen won 13 of them, and Pérez won two.

Horner praised Verstappen’s outstanding season, saying he reached a new level. The team and the car performed great from the start, and winning all but one race was beyond their dreams.

Horner thinks this Red Bull season will be remembered in history, just like McLaren’s 1988 season when they won 15 out of 16 races.

Every race is crucial for us. Even though Red Bull and Verstappen have already won big, we’re not taking it easy. We’re going to give our best in each race, just like we did in the first one in Bahrain.

After the Qatar race, the Red Bull boss wants his team to finish the season strong. He emphasized the importance of staying focused and paying attention to details. This season has been a big deal for them in Formula 1, and they want to end it on a high note.

Horner said, “We need to keep our focus and attention to detail for the remaining races. This season has been a big deal for us, and we want to finish it in the best way possible. Checo’s battle for second place in the Drivers’ Championship is crucial for us. If we can achieve first and second place in the Drivers’ World Championship, it would be a big milestone for our team.”


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