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Racial Hate killed three at Dollar Store in Jacksonville, Florida

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Sheriff confirms, three black people shot dead at Dollar General Store in Florida on August 26. The suspicion being racial discrimination, a white man armed with rifle, lead shooting three men before he shot himself.

While T.K Waters, Jacksonville Sherrif said in a news conference last evening, “He targeted a certain group of people, and that’s Black people.”

Waters added, the gunman expressed his ideology of hate in the manifestos left at the spot which included writings addressed to his parents, authorities and journalists with “words of a mad man.”

Authorities confirmed the victims included one woman and two men shot to death on the spot. Jacksonville’s FBI office took the charge of investigation and confirmed it a hate driven crime in social media statement. The shooter has not been identified, but as per reports was a young man in 20s.

The gunman allegedly shot himself after the crime spot was took over by the cops. Authorities confirmed the weapon an AR-15-Style rifle with drawings of Swastikas. T.K. Waters confirmed, the shooter to be alone, and no one else suffered from the gun shots. While nearby residents gathered near the crime spot and prayed.

The incident took place at Jacksonville Landing, during a 2018 video game tournament. Jacksonville Mayor, Donna Deegan said, “I’m heartbroken”, while she added “This is a community that has suffered again and again so many times. This is where we end up. Perhaps he chose this date in alignment with that.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary said, “Too many Americans in Jacksonville and across our country, have lost a loved one because of racially motivated violence.” Further added, his team is working on the case and has followed up with the mayor and civil rights leaders.

Waters reported, the shooter wore a vest and a mask carrying the AR-15 rifle, entered the Dollar store and left his dad a text telling him to check his computer and after firing three people, put gun towards himself.

“That’s our only store. We don’t have a Walmart; we don’t have any other store. People are in there all the time.” said the state representative, Kimberly Daniels. Added “people are hurt because it was a hate crime.”

Sources confirmed, the President is also acknowledged about the incident.

Warning to black or colored people were proposed in May by the NAACP against visiting Florida, as the city facing “attempts to erase Black History and restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in Florida schools.”

Waters said, ” This is a dark day in Jacksonville’s history.” Followed, “Any loss of life is tragic. But the hate that motivated the shooter’s killing spree adds an additional layer of heartbreak. There’s no place for hate in our community.”

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