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Quick Facts About Mine Accidents in the United States

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Here’s a look at some bad stuff that happened in mines in the United States. This is a list of times when things went wrong, and it’s not all the bad stuff that happened.

**December 6, 1907:** Big explosion in Monongah, West Virginia, killed 362 miners.

**December 19, 1907:** Explosion in Van Meter, Pennsylvania, killed 239 miners.

**November 13, 1909:** Fire in Cherry, Illinois, killed 259 miners.

**October 22, 1913:** Explosion in Dawson, New Mexico, killed 263 miners.

**June 8, 1917:** Fire in Butte, Montana, killed 163 miners.

**January 10, 1940:** Explosion in Bartley, West Virginia, killed 91 miners.

**March 16, 1940:** Explosion in St. Clairsville, Ohio, killed 72 miners.

**March 25, 1947:** Explosion in Centralia, Illinois, killed 111 miners.

**December 21, 1951:** Explosion in West Frankfort, Illinois, killed 119 miners.

**November 20, 1968:** Explosion in Farmington, West Virginia, killed 78 miners.

**December 30, 1970:** Explosion in Hyden, Kentucky, killed 38 miners.

**May 2, 1972:** Fire in Kellogg, Idaho, killed 91 miners.

**April 15, 1981:** Explosion in Redstone, Colorado, killed 15 miners.

**December 19, 1984:** Fire in Emery County, Utah, killed 27 miners.

**September 23, 2001:** Explosion in Brookwood, Alabama, killed 13 miners.

**July 24, 2002:** Nine miners trapped in Pennsylvania, but they all survive and are rescued.

**January 2, 2006:** Explosion in Tallmansville, West Virginia, trapped 13 miners, and only one survived.

**May 20, 2006:** Explosion in Harlan County, Kentucky, killed five miners.

*More stuff happened later, like in Crandall Canyon and Upper Big Branch mines.*

**August 6, 2007:** Six miners trapped in Crandall Canyon mine, Utah.

**August 16, 2007:** Three rescue workers killed in Crandall Canyon mine collapse.

**August 31, 2007:** Search for trapped miners called off.

*There’s also a report about the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster.*

**May 8, 2008:** Report recommends criminal investigation and fines for mine operator.

*And then there’s Upper Big Branch mine.*

**April 5, 2010:** Explosion in Naoma, West Virginia, killed 29 miners.

**April 29, 2011:** Upper Big Branch mine sealed permanently.

**May 19, 2011:** Explosion preventable due to safety failures.

**December 6, 2011:** Settlement announced for $209 million for the families of the 29 miners.

*Some people got charged and sentenced for what happened.*

*Blankenship guy faced some legal stuff.*

*Then there was an election thing, but he didn’t get to run for Senate.*

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