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Putin mentioned that he’s willing to employ nuclear weapons if the security of Russia is in danger. However, he emphasized that there hasn’t been a situation that required such extreme measures

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Moscow is prepared to use nuclear weapons if the Russian state faces a threat, but President Vladimir Putin emphasized in an interview with state media that such a need has not arisen. Putin, discussing military readiness, stated that Russia is equipped for a nuclear war but did not imply an imminent threat.

He cautioned that if US troops entered Ukraine, Russia would treat them as interventionists. Putin acknowledged the US’s development of nuclear forces but emphasized that it doesn’t imply an immediate nuclear war. He mentioned that both countries are enhancing their capabilities but stated that Russia is prepared.

In recent months, there have been concerns about Russia potentially using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Putin, in response to Western perceptions, asserted that Moscow’s financial and economic systems are stable, and its armed forces are growing stronger.

NATO estimates suggest that Russia is poised to produce more artillery munitions than the US and Europe. Despite this advantage, Western officials believe Russia’s production is insufficient, and major gains on the battlefield are not expected in the short term.

The Biden administration announced additional military aid to Ukraine, but Putin, in his interview, expressed Russia’s willingness to negotiate on Ukraine based on realistic conditions. He emphasized the importance of negotiations grounded in actual circumstances, not unrealistic desires.

When asked about the possibility of a fair agreement with the West, Putin expressed skepticism and the need for guarantees. Ukrainian President Zelensky, in the past, rejected the idea of negotiating with the Kremlin, emphasizing the challenge of reaching a compromise with someone he perceives as a liar.

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