Monday, April 15, 2024

Police officers from the state will be sent to Miami Beach and other popular spring break spots in Florida

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Governor Ron DeSantis is sending 140 state troopers to different places in Florida, including Miami Beach, to stop problems during spring break. This decision was made because last year, there were two shootings in Miami Beach during spring break, which caused an emergency and a rule that everyone has to be indoors by midnight. Miami Beach’s mayor says over 40 troopers will be in Miami Beach.

Governor DeSantis said on Tuesday, “We are ready to help local communities keep things under control. We want people to have fun in our state, but we also want them to follow the rules.”

The troopers will work with 17 law enforcement groups, and there will be a special team of 24 troopers on standby in some counties. They will help with things like managing crowds, checking for drunk drivers, using special cameras to read license plates, and directing traffic.

Miami City leaders recently voted on more safety measures for March. This includes security checks at the beach, special cameras in certain places, more checks for drunk driving, and more police from different places.

The mayor of Miami Beach, Steven Meiner, mentioned, “We will have 45 Florida Troopers in our streets for the next few weeks.” The city also made a video on YouTube warning spring breakers, titled “Miami Beach Is Breaking Up With Spring Break.”

Last year and in 2022, a rule was set that everyone has to be indoors by midnight because of two shootings that hurt five people.

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