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Police have shared a video from a body camera that recorded an incident where a man was shot inside his home in Illinois

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A police department near Chicago has released parts of body camera footage revealing the moments when officers shot and killed a man in his apartment bedroom. The videos provide some details about the incident but don’t explain why the police opened fire.

Isaac Goodlow, 30, passed away on February 3, having sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest, as per the police’s statement on Friday.

The Village of Carol Stream, Illinois, about 30 miles west of downtown Chicago, released a 33-minute video featuring a compilation of body camera footage from six officers. It begins with a five-minute statement from Carol Stream Police Chief Donald Cummings, offering information on the events leading up to the shooting.

Cummings clarified that the videos only capture the events during the shooting, not the incidents that led to it or what happened afterward. He also mentioned that authorities blurred the faces of the officers and Goodlow before releasing the footage.

According to Cummings, the police responded around 4:15 a.m. on February 3 to reports of a domestic violence incident from Goodlow’s girlfriend. She reported an “altercation” with Goodlow, resulting in injuries that led her to flee barefoot from their shared apartment.

Paramedics assessed Goodlow’s girlfriend and released her to return home, according to Cummings. Since she couldn’t re-enter due to a locked door, she gave consent for the officers to enter.

Over the next 45 minutes, police attempted unsuccessfully to contact Goodlow by calling, knocking on the door, and using an exterior window. Cummings said they obtained a key from an apartment building representative.

In one video, an on-scene supervisor opens the apartment door with a key. Four officers enter in a stacked formation while announcing themselves twice.

As they clear the one-bedroom apartment, an officer asks, “Go through this door here?” Another officer replies, “Yeah.”

When one officer kicks in the door, a shot is heard almost immediately. Another officer exclaims, “Oh f**k!” A second gunshot follows, shortly succeeded by the sound of a taser.

The scene becomes chaotic as officers retreat from the bedroom door. One officer shouts, “No! No! Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Officers seem to trip and fall as they rush to retreat in the small apartment. Afterward, they begin assessing each other for injuries, with no officers reported as hurt.

According to police, two officers each fired one round, with one hitting Goodlow in the chest.

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