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Person who used to run for Congress and was blamed for killing someone has been proven innocent in the murder case

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A person who once tried to get into politics got arrested for allegedly killing someone who had been wrongly convicted of a crime and spent more than 20 years in jail. The incident happened in a Las Vegas hotel room after an argument in October.

The accused, Daniel Rodimer, 45, was arrested and released on a $200,000 bond. His lawyers, David Z. Chesnoff and Richard A. Schonfeld, said he plans to fight the charges and wants people to remember the presumption of innocence.

Rodimer, a former wrestler from New Jersey, had run for Congress in Nevada in 2020 and in a special election in Texas in 2021, but was unsuccessful.

The victim, Christopher Tapp, 47, had been wrongly convicted of murder and rape in 1998 but was released after DNA testing proved another person was responsible. Tapp had been advocating for others who were wrongly convicted.

The incident occurred at a Halloween party in a Las Vegas hotel. Witnesses said Rodimer got angry when Tapp allegedly offered drugs to Rodimer’s stepdaughter. A witness heard Rodimer threatening Tapp and then heard two loud noises. Another witness saw Rodimer knock Tapp to the ground and punch him several times. Tapp later died in the hospital, and the medical examiner ruled it as a homicide due to head trauma.

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