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Person who used to be in jail and supports changing how things work in the New York City legal system gets caught for committing murder

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A guy who spent a lot of time in prison before turning into a big advocate for fixing the justice system is now in trouble. He got arrested for a really bad crime – murdering and cutting up a man in the Bronx.

This guy named Sheldon Johnson, 48, got charged with murder, having a weapon, hiding the body, and more by the New York Police Department. He said he didn’t do it when he went to court and got sent back to jail. They say he shot Collin Small, 44, in Small’s apartment.

Neighbors called the police after hearing gunshots on Tuesday. When the cops showed up, they found a body part in Small’s place. They also found more body parts in Johnson’s Harlem home, in the freezer. Surveillance video even caught Johnson wearing disguises and carrying a big blue bin to the victim’s place.

Johnson was in prison for a long time but got out last May. He worked for a group called Queen Defenders, helping young people in trouble with the law. He even talked about his experiences on a podcast. But now, he’s in serious trouble for something really awful.

A person from another group, Avenues for Justice, hopes people can see the difference between Johnson’s work for justice and the terrible things he’s accused of doing. He says jails and prisons are violent places, and Johnson had just been released less than a year ago.

On a podcast, Johnson talked about growing up in a tough situation, with his dad and granddad being in jail. He got into trouble as a kid and turned to selling drugs. But after being treated badly in prison, he decided to change his life. He even got his GED and stopped being part of a gang.

Now, it seems like he’s back in deep trouble, and people are trying to understand the whole situation.

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